Jan 8, 2013

Momentary Pause

Photographically, here's what I love about these shots 
[aside from the fact that the boys are my adored grand-twins]. 

I deliberately sat among their evolving play, interacting less and less, to be less obtrusive in the ebb and flow of their choices and imagination. The outcome of which is that in each photo I sense that I caught the boys thinking... musing... over something other than me or the camera. I relish their expressions and the notion that they were absorbed in their own thoughts and activities of imaginary play when the shutter clicked. Each youngster's pose suggests only the momentary pause in their play as they passed in front of the camera's frame.

The light, that also pleased me no end! Catching each toddler when the light is on their face is an ongoing challenge. The soft, still baby-like roundness of their faces was portrayed nicely in each photo. The other two light sources within each shot also pleased me. They illuminated the boys' environment, hinting at the character of their home, serving as a suggestion of their family life. Additionally the light created three stages or layers within the photos. The softly lit foreground which highlights the boys in their blue striped shirts. The darkened center of the room. Then the spotlighted sections in the background. All of which, for me, gives an interesting depth to the composition. 

Granted there is much to improve and more to learn about photographing these little guys. Yet occasionally, even at this novice stage, I'm lucky to capture the essence of the moment. That, offers much joy.

I'm s t r e t c h ing myself to link up with more expert photo buffs over at the Sweet Shot.

P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley

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