Sep 30, 2015

September Memories

Brilliance and creativity arrive on my screen throughout the month. Some really talented folks creating gorgeous posts and some really smart folks sharing their expertise. Here are a few that lit up my heart this September.

~ Got inspired to transition the house to fall decor after watching these home tours, "Finding Fall Home Tours",  inspired by BHG. Which home is your favorite?

~  Prose that reads as poetry. A beautifully written post honoring September memories.

~ Thought I was Word Wise, not so much. Confounded hard word usage article that husband and I used to test-ourselves. Yeah. Missed nearly half of these.

~ Sang loudly in the car, with this song by Jordan Feliz. Favorite verse,"YOU WILL BE CHANGED!"

~ Getting past seasons of chaos; who doesn't need insight on that from time to time. Thoughts shared by Seth Haines.

~ Read these words on intercessory prayer;  pondered them for days and imagined God dispatching angels in a collective response of His will and the believer's faith.

Gathering the beautiful, the inspired, the faith filled...punctuates my days with encouragement and blessings. What shined brightly for you in September?

Sep 19, 2015

Intercessory Prayer

Many hours of this week were punctuated by thoughts, sorrow, and intercessory prayer for those both near and far, who are suffering.  Sorrow for grave illness, heartbreaking loss for those in my closer sphere and concern for the terrified surge of humanity seeking survival overseas sends me searching through scriptures to pair a message with a photo for each personal need, to portray heartfelt concern. Calls, posts, or mail all enlisted to communicate loving support and to share God's promises of presence and protection. For after we have walked out all earthly responsibilities for the care and wellbeing of others, there comes the essential action of prayer.
"Prayer is a participation in willing God's will. While God's ultimate will cannot be thwarted, the strategy God uses to reach that goal may be infinitely variable. The prayers of committed people become part of the cosmic reality God has to work with. [As Douglass V. Steere] suggests, God can use them to "tip the balance" and change the shape of distorted realities in the world. It is not stretching the truth to say that God needs our prayers. Such is the dignity and purpose we have been given in his divine [plan]." Marjorie J. Thompson, Soul Feast, "Communicating and Communion with God" p. 41

Claiming significance as a daughter of God, 
claiming the attention of His hearing to ask for His holy work in every need known to me, 
emboldens me to pray the 91st Psalm 
and to say to others:

For He will give His angels charge over you 
to accompany and defend 
and preserve you in all your ways.

 Psalm 91:11, AMP