Nov 29, 2013

A Passion for Words

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Lists catch my eye.

Word lists prompt my curiosity.

Naturally, when I came across 100 words Every High School Graduate Should Know 
my interest was peeked and then...
my pride was irked. 

I'm a reader, a word collector, and a writer; 
and yet, there are words on this list I. did. not. know. 

Working on that! 


Words like "just" and "thing" 
don't serve me well.

I've always been conscious of how our choice of words affect those whom we are speaking too. 
As an educator, my word choice was paramount to the learner's attention, understanding, and ultimate success. 
As a mentor to other women, being clear, maintaining the roll of faciiltator, the importance remains. 
As an artist engaging in self-talk it continues to have a personal impact. 

Writer, Emily Freeman, urges readers to be sensitive to the dismissive connotations of the words "just" and "thing"; I just facilitate the Bible study class or I devote time to a volunteer thing. 
I'm learning to give the respect due to myself or another by dropping words that demean, dismiss, and negatively frame the subject of being discussed.


Now that you understand my thinking about words it wont come as a surprise that the term intertextuality hooked my attention. As described by the post at The Write Practice:

 "Intertextuality denotes the way in which texts (any text, not just literature) gain meaning through their referencing or evocation of other texts." 

It's obvious how that is related to the general topic of words and all the other reading a person has ever done, right. Fellow readers out there, it's like gourmet menu when a good read references another good read, and your brain is thrilled by the gymnastics of the domino like, cerebral connections!


Lastly, can I state for the record that I prefer  real, hard copy dictionaries. 

I relish every word preceding the one I'm looking up and every word that follows it. Then of course, one could get distracted and end up chasing down a few other words... 
just since you're there.


Nov 24, 2013

Hope Waits

Christ the King Sunday, the final Sunday of the liturgical year; we rejoice in the Genesis through Revelation accounts of God’s hope for the world. And for the world, because of hope, our faith, our Christian beliefs, will never cease among people. God has taught us hope, promised us hope, revealed the blessings of hope. The sacred texts record the history of hope among the faithful from generation to generation. Our traditions of worship and prayer, our holiest days, nurture hope. We are galvanized by the legacy of hope, thousands of years of hope. Hope fueled by His Spirit persists, endures, and waits. To live with the Hope of God is to experience Hope's triumph.


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Nov 10, 2013

God Whispers Grace Over the Good Earth

A pair of squirrels race across rooftops leaping effortlessly onto tree boughs, swirling down the trunk, to join in the mingled mass of leaves drifted across the still green grass. Heron’s grey serpentine neck is silhouetted against the low light sky as it’s perched at the upper most reaches of a fall canopy of tree color. Roses bravely continue to offer a few scant blooms, opening fragile petals despite the dropping temperatures. The afternoon air is uncommonly still. Beyond the squirrel rustling and bird twitters, its quiet. Quiet enough to encourage a pause. Quiet enough to close the eyes, to stand among the living woods, to hear the season’s heartbeat, to wonder if that breathing hush is God whispering grace over the good earth. Hopeful, I stay in place, stand open handed, listening amidst an age old whisper that can be heard in God’s natural world.


"And God saw everything that He had made,
and, behold,it was very good."
Genesis 1:31


“As soon as we acknowledge God to be the supreme architect, 
who has erected the beauteous fabric of the universe, 
our minds must necessarily be ravished with wonder 
at His infinite goodness, wisdom, and power.” 
John Calvin

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