Nov 10, 2013

God Whispers Grace Over the Good Earth

A pair of squirrels race across rooftops leaping effortlessly onto tree boughs, swirling down the trunk, to join in the mingled mass of leaves drifted across the still green grass. Heron’s grey serpentine neck is silhouetted against the low light sky as it’s perched at the upper most reaches of a fall canopy of tree color. Roses bravely continue to offer a few scant blooms, opening fragile petals despite the dropping temperatures. The afternoon air is uncommonly still. Beyond the squirrel rustling and bird twitters, its quiet. Quiet enough to encourage a pause. Quiet enough to close the eyes, to stand among the living woods, to hear the season’s heartbeat, to wonder if that breathing hush is God whispering grace over the good earth. Hopeful, I stay in place, stand open handed, listening amidst an age old whisper that can be heard in God’s natural world.


"And God saw everything that He had made,
and, behold,it was very good."
Genesis 1:31


“As soon as we acknowledge God to be the supreme architect, 
who has erected the beauteous fabric of the universe, 
our minds must necessarily be ravished with wonder 
at His infinite goodness, wisdom, and power.” 
John Calvin

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  1. Connecting from Jumping Tandem. I loved your post about God's grace. Aren't we thankful for His love?

    1. Thankful indeed. Blessing to you this Sabbath.

  2. I love the Word, I love the photo. Thank you.

  3. I was drawn into your blog by this gorgeous picture and then was blown away by your writing. Your words just flow beautifully on the page and paints a precious picture. God has surely blessed you with the gift of writing. Would love permission to use the image in a bible class for ladies. Thanks for sharing!