Feb 9, 2014

Winter Sun

There had been only an afternoon’s reprieve from the perennial cold blanket of grey light. 

Lifting my head from the dense novel on my lap, I caught sight of the rays of sunlight that had just splayed across the kitchen wall.  Searching further beyond the shuttered windows revealed the sudden change in the sky newly lit by rays breaking through cloud cover that had hovered for days on end.  

Thinking, “move quick or miss it entirely”, I head to the entry, layering on muffler, cap, hooded coat, zipped past the chin. Track down gloves and sunglasses. Pull the door tight behind me as I walk out in the welcomed sun drenched, cold air. The slap of winter temperatures still catches ones breath but a quick pace soon produces the balance between outer cold and down insulated warmth. 

Cooped up muscles can literally sing when given the opportunity to stretch out in long extended strides. The scents of crisp air please the nose and lungs fill with thirst for all that oxygen rich air.  Eyes protected by UV shades, “I lift my eyes to you..” (Psalm 123:1), absorbing ... appreciating, the Creator’s gift of solar warmth poured out on the wintery earth. 

Its a brief interlude. 
Day’s end arrives early. 
Even as solar beams slip low on the horizon the senses remember heat and light. 
The soul praises Genesis gifts.

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Feb 5, 2014

Favorites from the Arctic Months

the pared down, bare beauty of limbs exposed against winter skies.

the iced creations that glistened in the slipstream of the massive arctic vortex that blanketed the continent.

Loved this tea:
Finally, with decided intent, we’ve kicked colas to the curb. Replaced them with various blends of black and green tea; pour on the antioxidants and chase down cortisol. {A go-to favorite, Constant Comment Green tea!}

Loved this recipe:
High volume, colorful vegetables, mouth watering turkey sausage, warm comfort that boasts nutrition!

Loved this writer's wisdom...
"Life is big like God’s Kingdom. But relationship is small town with Jesus. He knows your name and what you will say before you utter it. His couch is always available and bread never runs out despite circumstance."

Loved these reads:
Fredrick Buechner’s Sacred Journey, The Hungering DarkMagnificent Defeat. Three slim volumes with mind stretching insights and spirit stretching reflections.
"...because (by) God's nature he will not let even death separate us from him finally... In love he will have us his true sons before he is through, and in order to do that, one life is not enough." The Hungering Dark, p.78

Loved this study...
The Psalms of Ascent. There was pure warmth as I gathered with several other sweater bundled women this winter to study the Psalms. A deeply reflective and spiritually healing study written by Beth Moore.

Loved this word: 
slipstream; an example,
“Reading numerous posts in the blogging sphere allows one to  travel in the slipstream of words, opinions, ideas of multiple writers.” 

Delighted to be able to indulge in these pursuits, very aware of blessings beyond deserving.
Back to yet another cup of tea in this real feel, 9 degree  day.

                                ~ ~ ~

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here are some thoughts about time in the New Year and then there are some words in appreciation of walking in winter's sun

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