Feb 27, 2016

An Intention to Learn

Linking with Emily's community for What I Learned in February. Join me as women of faith chat with humor, surprise, or tongue in cheek about the past 30 days of living this great big life we've been blessed with!

Here are my thoughts. Just the highlights, the best or the parts that are mine to share.

1. Mild winter weather has its beauty and I have enjoyed being outside on these uncommonly warm days. But there is a much bigger global picture to this phenomenon that is deeply concerning. A fictional account in Barbara Kingsolver's book Flight Behavior highlights how warmer temperatures can be devastating to the existence of multiple species dependent on stable environments for food sources and producing their young, not to mention the fires and floods that threaten human lives. A most impactful read.

2. Jeanne Oliver teaches online art courses. I'm participating in "Reflections: Paint Your Story" which includes collage, portraiture, symbolism, mark making, and more. It is awesome! Nurturing my soul and extending my art. Here is my work titled "Generation After Generation", honoring my family's deep ancestral roots.
Generation After Generation: Acrylic and Vintage Papers, By Lisa Moreland

3.Mentoring is awesome and has multiple examples in the Bible: think Elisha and Elijah, Mordecai and Ester, Elizabeth and Mary, Jesus and the Disciples. Studying Jessica LaGrone's curriculum, Set Apart, with a dozen other women this past month. Lots of self reflection and deep learning in this study.  

4. It's the final season of "Downton Abby" and "The Good Wife". I tell myself one really should not lament such trivial matters. Even so, a series with strong characters, excellent dialog, creative plot twists, and talented performances without terrorism and forensics are hard to come by. 

Grateful for these experiences and all the endless possibilities. New learning is available every day when we intend to have eyes that watch for it and ears that hear it.

Feb 19, 2016

The Thin Space Between Dark & Dawn

Slender light slips dim and slow through the window. 
Darkness still clings to the corners while tea steeps. 
Candlelight flickers on the kitchen table in honor of the 
thin space of heaven’s portals between dark and dawn. 

Cold rises from floor tiles, seeps around window panes carrying the scent unique to crisp winter air. 
Socks layered within slippers. 
Sweater layered over flannels. 
A scarf too, in a cozy loop around my neck. 

I stand at the window, 
a small witness to the new day’s splendor. 
A singular heart’s praise for the persistent majesty
of God's cosmic order.

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