Dec 31, 2012


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Dec 22, 2012

Crimson Berries

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Dec 19, 2012

A Holy Gift

There is a memory from decades ago where as a young girl, I would stand and gaze long in awe at our family’s delicate, porcelain manger snuggled within its wooden shelter. Mary’s figure, posed kneeling before her infant, dressed with a blue shawl like garment over her muslin gown, deeply captivated my young imagination. In the soft evening light of our home with only the nativity’s single star illuminating this sacred moment in time, my youthful wonderings created the young mother’s movements, her emotions, and her murmurings with those surrounding her. Imaginings that bestowed flesh, scent and brilliance to an ancient account and warmed [ignited] faith to the bone.

Now and then memories such as this, of sensing the holy presence, surface and catch me in an ah ha understanding. A handful in early years followed later by a quiet understanding of continuous presence. A gift, I later learn, offered to any who heed His Word and bend to His will. A gift walking within and throughout, filling and flowing with assurance. 

Over time a Nativity came to grace my own home. Mary continues to kneel before her child though she is clothed in snow white. She bears the Scandinavian design elements of my heritage. A reminder to me of how far and wide our Lord’s story spread from its origin. Each holy season Mary and her babe are unwrapped and settled among the same cast of characters. I am reminded of the young girl who gazed long all those years ago. A young girl whose eyes were opened to see the gift in such a way as to pursue its holy sustenance across all the years ahead. A gift that today is leaned into hourly.

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Dec 11, 2012

North Woods Meets Prairies

Crimson red, Gerber Daisies cut from my garden in December.

The north woods 
and once-not-too-long-ago-Norwegian Minnesotans 
gave me life 
and shaped my traditions. 
Steeped in opening gifts Christmas eve, saying “Come Lord Jesus” grace, and dressing ‘in the bird’; this is what I knew.

Then choices, 
and an unfolding life 
took me due south 
where living takes place on the spacious grassland prairies of Texas. In the early years of living here it never felt like a good ‘fit’. I mean no disrespect to the land with its stunning sunsets and mild winters or to its legendary Lone Star history. But these blue eyes never became accustomed to the strength of its sun and my nature yearns for a crisp fall that arrives in September, open windows all summer, and cool grass with no chance of red ants. The possibility of Gerber Daisies and Begonias still blooming happily in mid-December significantly messed with my emotional transition to holiday cheer.

But then you see, as time went on, 
I came to know this deeply rooted Texas man. 
Then there was a Christmas when I was introduced to his deeply rooted Texas family. They welcomed me in a warm family way. Their traditions of laughter in the kitchen and worship in the sanctuary were dearly familiar and had a direct relationship to this man's impeccable character and kind heart. In one crystal clear, freeze-frame, moment-in-time during that Christmas I knew that here was a place, a family, and a man that I could call home. 

Winter on the southern prairie, like this year,
can mean daisies and begonias are still in bloom. 
That event still messes with my preferred notions of Christmas. 
Never the less, for 15 years this winter, the Texas man and I have made our home here
Our traditions found common ground. 
Truly, I prefer cornbread dressing. 
The Texas man knows the “Come Lord Jesus” grace. 
And, thankfully opening gifts Christmas eve was and remains, a shared family tradition. 

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Gifts counted, 
some small and quiet, 
others hard and tear stained. 

These few rise to the surface to share for your eyes too. Numbered to 1250 and even then I know hundreds were offered but escaped my inked list! Blessed, so blessed.

~ sharing cake, coffee, and faith blessed friendship in front of the Christmas tree

~ silver strands at greying temples, ribbons of tribute to long life

~winter moonlight glitters silver on water's dark surface

~Earth's global lights become a beacon in the universe

~ women's bonds and Bible searching in covenant relationship

~crimson and indigo berries winter's suspended beauty, nature's chilled sustenance

~hours  of quiet

~charity that empowers independence

~the wisps of dreams, bits of soul tales lingering into waking moments

~memories of the silver cross suspended at mama's heart

~voices, cards, posts sending faith filled Christmas joy

~ "Come thou font of every blessing, tune my heart to sing thy grace; streams of mercy, never ceasing, call for songs of loudest praise." Nettleton

Dec 6, 2012

Everything a Memory: Miracles in His Time

Little hands hung the ornaments on the branches. Small crocheted red and green Christmas stockings, painted wooden blocks, a wood stenciled heart with folk art scrolls,   a craft dough teddy bear red ribbon around its neck, fabric frames holding her 2 year old photo, a yellow wooden airplane, red silk skirted angel at the top; each ornament a symbol, a tribute to love, family, childhood, and faith. The ornaments were chosen for her toddler hands and later her preschool hands. Nothing to break. Everything to be a memory. Chosen across childhood, across travels, picked up here and there. Sometimes during small town, main street shopping with her grandma in the snowy north woods. Sometimes visiting with her God-mother at the base of Sandia Mountains. Sometimes just she and I, perusing the shops in old downtown. How those times are tenderly played across the interior of my memories.

There was a first Christmas when I did not have her with me. And then there were many. Lovingly and hopefully wrapped and packed deep in storage boxes, the ornaments held their memories and their tributes, unseen for a long length of time. A length of time when only faith could be held on to. A length of time when prayer was constant. A length of time when only faith could determine how this story would unfold. 

Those ornaments were unwrapped some years back and hung on a small 4 foot tree in her first apartment. I hand stitched a tree skirt to gather around its base and when the lights lit up, we both thought it was a splendid little tree. Every year since I gaze at her tree with a wellspring of joy for the Lord who performs miracles in His time.

This year the toddler gran-twins were photographed as their little hands hung those ornaments on lit up branches. Tow-headed, barefoot babes hanging up memories, tributes to their mama’s childhood, symbols of their grandma’s love and faith. Nothing to break. Everything a memory.

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Nov 17, 2012

The Bounty of the LORD

The gifting occurs hourly, across every life. God’s palm openly streaming tributes to the world and the people of His creation. An outpouring of such magnitude, its voice (were it to have a voice), would deafen the globe. At intervals in our living we take heed of the gifts. We pause, lift eyes, and give acclaim to all that has streamed from those open palms. Thanksgiving, a day spoken for each year by the blessed and the thankful. A day to gather in and circle round to honor the bounty that is our God’s provision and creation.

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Nov 7, 2012

God's Word: Alive and Active

Women seated circular around the room, 

gathering together for weeks, 

to draw fingers across thin pages of scripture 

seeking the Lord’s teaching 

for the collected Body and each seeking heart. 

Women’s heads bowed above the ancient text 

pouring over inked words 

that transform to inner Holy Spirit whispers 

and wash searching souls with Holy presence.


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Oct 20, 2012

Fall Harvest

Fall harvest foods and cooler weather cooking is a tradition of kitchen lore that I'm willing to partake in, even though I don't fancy kitchen work much. Love my window framing wind blown golden leaves and the slanting light of early dusk as I chop and dice colorful produce. Love those oven roasted dishes that add warmth and aromas to my home as it takes on fall's early evening temperatures. Love the promise of supper's tasteful blessings. Love our traditional Grace, passed down from my Norwegian grandparents, blessing every meal.

Come Lord Jesus,
Be our guest.
Let these gifts to us
be blessed.

You might enjoy adding this vegetable beauty to your menu one evening.

Layered Vegetable Casserole

Spray large casserole dish with cooking oil and fill with the following ingredients in layers:

1/2  c. uncooked rice, lightly salt
3 c. fresh or frozen cut green beans
3 sliced yellow squash, sprinkle lightly w/ sugar
4 green onion tops, diced
1 green pepper, diced
3 large tomatoes, sliced
salt & pepper to taste
Top with 3/4 stick butter, thinly sliced in pats.
Cover with aluminum foil. 
Bake for 1 & 1/2 hour at 350 degrees.
Check rice after 1 hour, if still raw add 1/2 c. boiling water. Continue to bake.

Begin with the first layer of uncooked rice sprinkled in the base of the greased casserole dish followed by a layer of green beans, gorgeous bright green, either frozen or fresh.

Sliced yellow squash is the third layer of garden bounty to grace this dish, seasoned with a hint of sugar over these yellow rimed disks ( that culinary wisdom from my mom-in-law).

Diced green pepper [this one really belted out the pepper fragrance as I chopped] and green onion tops compose the 4th layer of dotted flavor.

Now look at the beauty of these colors and pattern! Thinly sliced quarters of tomato. That's where the moisture to cook that rice comes from. If  you use less tomatoes, add 1/2 cup of hot  water to insure fully cooked rice.

Flavor dripping essence of dotted butter pats, salt, and pepper will trickle down through every veggie layer as this dish simmers in the oven. Really, when it's in your mouth you'll love this part! Cover with that aluminum foil to capture all the fresh produce mixture that's about to be released. Let the cool late afternoon temperatures descend on your home. Your oven will add a cozy warmth and aroma as these vegetables soften and mingle flavors for the next hour and a half.

Out of the oven, bubbling, ready to eat as an entrée or as a side dish. At my house it's a one pot, stand alone dinner with very little left over after we've stuffed ourselves with seconds. Delicious fall supper!

And add this to your kitchen musings; home cooking contributes to longevity, as in, you may just live longer.

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Oct 13, 2012

The Bounty of the Lord

They will come and shout for joy...
they will rejoice in the bounty of the Lord.
Jeremiah 31:12

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Sep 15, 2012

Invitation Accepted

Would the seat be empty or just apparently so?
Who might come to sit, ponder the moment, offer insight, share an exchange?
Might the companion be ethereal; ever present, attentive, ear inclined to whispers, murmurs, or sighs.

Might the seat be consistently held by listeners from places divine;
an angel of mercy, a guardian assigned, the spirit of the heavens, or the power MOST divine.

Would the seat ever be empty through a life given by sacred design?

Seated with glory in the kingdom beyond,
how could the preferred chair in the orchestra of my life
compare to the diadem most royal?

Yet the chair has been taken, claimed since memory could record.
The invitation accepted, a standing reservation filled.
The chair is never empty if the heart wills it so.

As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; 

I will never leave you nor forsake you. 

Joshua 1:5

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Sep 8, 2012

Pursuing a Grace-FULL Life

Precious drops of pink petals hanging gracefully from the thinest of tendrils. 

I hovered over them angling for a frame that best revealed their stunning form and intricate design. 

Does my Lord hover so tenderly, so intently over me searching my life for the most becoming elements, those becoming most Christ like? Does He capture a glimpse of something pleasing in the frame that reveals my pursuit of a Grace-FULL life?

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