Dec 19, 2012

A Holy Gift

There is a memory from decades ago where as a young girl, I would stand and gaze long in awe at our family’s delicate, porcelain manger snuggled within its wooden shelter. Mary’s figure, posed kneeling before her infant, dressed with a blue shawl like garment over her muslin gown, deeply captivated my young imagination. In the soft evening light of our home with only the nativity’s single star illuminating this sacred moment in time, my youthful wonderings created the young mother’s movements, her emotions, and her murmurings with those surrounding her. Imaginings that bestowed flesh, scent and brilliance to an ancient account and warmed [ignited] faith to the bone.

Now and then memories such as this, of sensing the holy presence, surface and catch me in an ah ha understanding. A handful in early years followed later by a quiet understanding of continuous presence. A gift, I later learn, offered to any who heed His Word and bend to His will. A gift walking within and throughout, filling and flowing with assurance. 

Over time a Nativity came to grace my own home. Mary continues to kneel before her child though she is clothed in snow white. She bears the Scandinavian design elements of my heritage. A reminder to me of how far and wide our Lord’s story spread from its origin. Each holy season Mary and her babe are unwrapped and settled among the same cast of characters. I am reminded of the young girl who gazed long all those years ago. A young girl whose eyes were opened to see the gift in such a way as to pursue its holy sustenance across all the years ahead. A gift that today is leaned into hourly.

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  1. What a beautiful quiet blessing you give me in sharing this memory. Thank you, and may your Christmas be especially rich with His blessings.

    1. Thank you Sylvia. We enjoyed a dearly tender day with little grandsons.

  2. This is really a blessing to see. Loved it!!! I'm a Nativity "addict" and love to see all these different ones. A real grin from me.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. So enjoy hearing your response to my musings. Hope your Holy Night was dear.