Apr 9, 2012

Come On In: There are Green Pastures Here

"I am the door."
Come in!
Hear the Spirit’s daily greeting!
Listen attentivley for His bold invitation.
Recorded gifts of recent days:
  • 971 thanksgiving to hear the ancient story that bestowed Easter’s miracle
  • 965 grateful for moments of spiritual pause, mind listening for prayer, in the midsts of crowded pursuits of frenzy
  • 968 an opportunity to offer the “Lord’s listening” for a family member seeking solace 

 Look closely for His good pastures.
  • 963 a momentary lull in tasks, hours to regenerate
  • 964 blue-green waves spraying salted tide water acrossancient black rock coastline
  • 969 thanksgiving for the respite of vacation rest
  • 970 safe travel across distant seas
  • 972 praises for the sanctuary of our home
Hands folded in praise for all that is revealed.

I wander over to these sites to join in the beauty of photography and praise:

and more gratitude being offered at:


  1. What a well-worn door handle! I wonder how many hands have touched it. Love the verse too!

  2. I like that door handle too. Nice to meet you, Lisa

  3. What a wonderful shot for an outstanding verse!

  4. I agree with the others. Great handle and lovely verse that ties it together.

  5. I've been thinking about Jesus being the door. Thanks for this image. Happy Easter to you!

    1. Yes! Imagine if this time worn door, this metal handle rubbed smooth, signified the multitudes that have claimed our Lord's gift! Imagine wood swinging open-wide for so many to enter in, so often, and for so long that it's surface is warped and worn brittle. There is awe in imagining that we have walked through our Lord's ancient door of faith and eternity just as the legion of saints before us.

  6. This is the perfect scripture for this photograph! Lovely!

  7. Love the photo of the door and the scripture. Found you through a comment you left on my blog (thank you). Beautiful tulips, too, in the post just above. (coming from