Aug 8, 2011

Luxury is Time in the Morning

Luxury is,
gloriously…time in the morning for devotions; carved out, finally, in this later life-phase of hours defined by personal preference and priority.

A search online for women of words and faith to flesh out the journey with kindred faces, revealed a Gratitude Community of beautiful, tender souls.

Hours spent reading wisdom, reviving hope, recording blessings, rendering the Lord’s word into the heart and onto a page.

Months later, 500 blessings of my own, I join Ann and you tender souls in gratitude for that “place [that thanksgiving allows] God to grow within me” (AnnVoscamp).

Selected blessings from the past weeks:
~clouds like bolls of raw cotton mounding against blue sky
~opportunity to pray for those suffering from heat and drought
~moments of dew misted petals, glassy mirrored ponds, wind through forests, light through leaves
~those who soldier in our nation’s defense
~wind buffeting cheeks, echoing in ears
~Oncologist who prays with us
~coffee and faith talk on the back porch
…never ceasing


  1. Beautiful post!

    Visiting from Ann's place~

  2. lovely post. time with Him, what a gift! and this community, is so dear. You're so welcome! Happy to have you!