Aug 22, 2011

Late Augaust Gratitude

Early morning temperatures dip 20 degrees even in our drought stricken southern prairies; a brief reprieve until the climbing sun scorches the earth’s surface back to triple digit temperatures. In gratitude I step out to embrace God’s world at this early hour.
 “Let all the angel throng give thanks to god on high, while Earth repeats the joyful song and echoes to the sky.”   ~ Charles Wesley
535 – Boldly hardy late summer blooms

536 – Briefly clouds sooth over-lit terrain; sensitive eyes rest wide-irised in overcast skies

537 – Late summer trees bearing the promise of autumn fruit

538 – Red Cardinal parading across the fence, returns for three curtain calls, red plumes against weathered wood
539 – Memories of mother on her August birthday
540 - Mockingbirds chasing squirrels, rabbits visiting flower pots
541 - Sharp reflections on glass waters

542 - sun baked rocks along the creek offering sunning decks for wet shelled turtles

543 - Hymns giving voice to praise

I will joyfully sing in the morning, I will joyfully sing all the day.” Psalm 59             Mary MC Donald

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  1. Joyfully singing with you, Lisa. So very beautiful.

  2. Beautiful praises through your pictures.....

  3. Thank you for extending God's blessing of beauty through your words and photographs. Creativity is always God's will.