Nov 6, 2016

Sabbath in a Sanctuary of the Oaks

"Faith sees a beautiful blossom in a bulb, 
a lovely garden in a seed, and a giant oak in an acorn."

Photograph by Lisa Moreland

Today's Sabbath was experienced 
in the sanctuary of the Oaks.

Paths lace the curvature of a creek and its pooling ponds that flow through the neighborhood. Decades of consistent water has populated the shoreline with a variety of stately Oak trees. Their diversity is never more apparent than in autumn, as acorns of every size, various patterns, and a range of color cascade from leafy canopies, down through the limbs, to cover the ground with an abundance of uniquely capped nuts. 

Photograph by Lisa Moreland
Their scattered presence speaks boldly to the soul.  Boldly, as evidence of the Creator's mandate for diversity in all species.  Boldly, as examples of His sustaining provision in all seasons. Boldly, according to St. Bonaventure, as an inscription of God's "footprint", along with all things that cover the earth. 

"God writes the Gospel, 
not in the Bible alone, 
but also on trees, 
and in the flowers and clouds and stars."
Martin Luther

May your Sabbath be filled with God's tender presence and reassurance,

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  1. Love this, and the quote. I've never read that before, but so true. I so love a winter's morn when the ground is all covered as if The Master painted it to be all clean. We only need look around to see Him. Have a Blessed week ahead.

    Peabea from Peabea Scribbles

    1. Yes. I enjoyed learning about William Ward. He was a writer and a teacher within the Methodist church. During his career he was one of the most prolific of inspirational writers in America.

  2. today I am in a season of remembering the loss of my brother....and I loved your words here: "Boldly, as examples of His sustaining provision in all seasons." Yes, in the pain of the loss itself and the pain in the remembering, there is provision. thank you for your words here.

    1. You are so welcome. God's creation can be a reassuring window into the Lord's ever present provisions. Time spent observing His creation can offer strength and reminders of His scriptural teachings of constant love. May you find peace in His presence.

  3. So much promise in those little acorns and seeds....they sing of things to be:)
    Thanks for the beauty of this sacred space.
    My heart feels it full.
    Much grace and peace,