Nov 6, 2015

November: An Invitation to Gratitude Series {Indian Summer}

November 6: An Invitation to Gratitude {Indian Summer}

Indian summer bliss,
those brilliantly bright days of late fall, warm like melting butter on pancakes. Foliage rustles in rich color, breezes move with a gentle warmth. Folks linger on patios with their coffee, faces upturned to capture the sun’s last kiss of warmth before crisp temps return, forcing us all back behind windows to watch leaves spilling from the trees. 

In some regions its called a "little summer"; a brief nod to the mid-day warming reminiscent of a bygone season. Though the light and the scent is distinctly different; the lights angle lower, recognizable as fall, the herbed aroma of dried leaves inescapable.

Our area has basked in this "little summer" all week. Cafe patios overflow with business. Park playgrounds are bustling with post halloween super heroes and princesses going down the slide. Hopeful end of season fisherman cast lines across the ponds. Kids walk home from school with hoodies stuffed in backpacks. 

Its temporary, appreciated because its fleeting.
Raise your head from distractions. 
Neither of us wants to miss it.

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  1. Beautiful! Visiting you as your neighbor this week from #WeekEndBrew. feel free to visit back anytime. Shandra

  2. Thank you, I appreciate every reader's visit! May your day have hints of Indian Summer warmth.

  3. You've described Indian summer beautifully. The light has changed, but it's still such a gorgeous time of year. Glory to God for creating it.

    1. I agree, HIS glory does shine with unique a signature in this season. Grateful those who can SEE and be able to spread arms wide to embrace it.

  4. We've had such warm weather this week, it took me by surprise! While the leaves fall from days of run, to be able to slip on flip-flops! But it's over and soon we will see cold nights again. I enjoyed it while it lasted :)

    1. Flip Flops and fall, such a contradiction, in the most jubilant way! The memory of warm bare toes will remain until the return of summer.

  5. We have been experiencing a very long indian summer this year. I like the idea of the gratitude series.

  6. I am so thankful for Indian Summer as well because it's so enjoyable to get outside and enjoy all the beauty of God's creation.....I love that you are encouraging gratitude......