Nov 16, 2015

November: An Invitation to Gratitude {Sacred Waiting}

Photograph by Lisa Moreland

November: An Invitation to Thanksgiving {Sacred Waiting}

Cloudy November days, the ones that hint at rain and blow chilly against the window panes. Soft grey skies a stark contrast to the brilliance in the leaves that toss and tumble across the patio. 

Gazing out across the the woods, mind pondering the brief days left in November, musing on to Christmas

The thought arrives... of the young woman two millennia ago waiting, already. 

Many months she has already carried her child. 
Carried sacred knowledge silent in her heart through the passing of three seasons. 
Her whispered thanksgiving already keen for long, long months. 
Her Christmas already a living truth, a swollen heaviness, a beating heart, a mother's patient wait. 



The trappings of my times fade in importance as I imagine her. 

Two millennia ago she continued the waiting 

with thanksgiving and silent hope. 

*   *   *

Listen to her story as it is sung in this stunning version of Hallelujah.

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  1. Loved the thoughts you wrote down in poetic form! Mary did know before anyone else that she was waiting for someone way more than just a child! What a place to be in! Your neighbor at #coffeeforyourheart and #TellHisStory.

    1. Happy to have you visit Reflections Beside Still Waters and leaving these kind words!

  2. So beautiful! Brings to mind the song "Mary Did You Know?" That song so beautifully expresses what she already knew.

  3. Thank you Lisa!
    Your ability to cloth the thoughts and ponderings so they are vivid and fresh, genuinely present ... Yes, how she may have felt .... This time yet so long ago... Carrying the gift so precious ~ and painful for her.

  4. I imagine her, too. Mary. Humbles my heart to think of her journey.
    Thank you for whispering her story.
    I love your list.
    Warms my heart:)

  5. Oh, I've been coming across blogs about humility quite often lately. I think the planet needs it now the most.

  6. Beautiful words and image! Looking forward to the blessed Christmas season. Thanks for sharing with SYC.