Apr 5, 2014


“Blessing has in it the power to increase.” 
As my eyes decoded left to right, those words rose from the page to be heeded by the heart. The heart leaned in close, the meaning so decidedly true. 

Yes, certainly it is as the writer intended in reference to God’s word in the128th Psalm. 

But then carried further, applied expansively, 
God’s blessings in all forms propagate to bring forward additional abundance. 
A revelation that is known only as one’s faith life grows deep roots nurtured by prayer, study, and a persistent vigilance for divine purpose. 

Think of it more simply: 
study extends your knowledge. 
Knowledge expands your faith. 
Faith transforms your perception. 
Perception heeds divine presence and provision 
which further affirms and emboldens your faith. 
The more you are aware of God at work, 
the more you will see God’s work. 
“Blessing has in it the power to increase.”
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  1. Beautifully woven thread of thought. You parked next to me @ The Weekend Brew and I wanted to share a cup of Barbie's coffee with you. Lisa, I read your profile and found that even with years spanning between our births, we share similar interests - books, texture art, teaching, mentoring, and the LORD. So thankful I came by.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda @ Being Woven

  2. LOVE the photo, and the words are good. Makes thinking increase in the right direction. Thanks.

  3. Lovely photo and inspiring post.