Mar 16, 2014

Tomorrow's Promise

I venture forth into my days 
carrying snippets of scriptural readings, conversations, 
teachings, and musings tucked under my heart. 

Internal thoughts pondered haphazardly as I move through my days 
pausing intermittently as some slight bit of my fluid surroundings catches...
snags on some point of those numerous musings.  

Here, as tuned lyrics overlay a phrase I read, 
or there 
as a face streams against my passing current portraying human expression of inspired scripture, 
or another 
from the natural world branching out to display a figurative expression of a sacred story. 

If last season’s life were our Biblical inheritance,
If the branch were His chosen people,
If the suspended vessels were His divine life,
If the dispersed seeds were His spirit,
If nature reflects His promise...

Illuminated understanding rises, 
not grandly, but deeply.
Satisfying as only increased clarity or 
compelling evidence 
can illuminate.

Unspoken whispers of prayer envisioned as being released outward. 

"Thank you O my father,
for giving us your Son,
And leaving your Spirit
till the work on earth is done."
“There Is a Redeemer” 
Joseph Adkison


  1. Love the photo. Good sharing.

  2. I love how you wove the imagery of seeds and scripture...branching out, snagged and caught...the winter foliage which promises spring blossoms and fresh fruit of summer and harvest...lovely.

  3. Your writing turns my heart towards spring even more. Loved the photo and the seed pods hanging on the branch, new life hidden for now, but ready to burst forth. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your writing turns my heart towards spring planting and the new life ready to spring forth. I loved the photo and how the seed pods hang, seemingly dried up but containing new life with fresh ground. Thanks for sharing this morning. ~Victoria - Fearless Heart

  5. Beautiful reflection, gorgeous photo - thank you, Lisa!

  6. Such beautiful words. Thanks for sharing with us!