Jan 20, 2014

Adornment of Inner Self

Evergreen boughs bear clusters of beautiful pale blue berries all through the winter. In twilight their color is accentuated, a heavenly hue. Branches hang low at the point of the berries heaviest abundance. 

Arctic gales blow hard across the months of this season, shearing the blue orbs, spilling them to the ground like pearls from a broken string. The female Cedar loses the tiny bits of her adornment with every gust of wind, every icy freeze, and every pelting rain. 

The loss does not diminish the value or the character of this tall spire. She extends her branches with or with out their pale blue adornment. Creatures – winged, footed, or slithering perch, burrow, and huddle within its massive frame. Standing sure, standing strong, standing quietly across the years; simply offering the gentler gifts of refuge, shade, and shelter. 

Prudently placed in the flood plain of frequently overflowing creek beds, the voraciously thirsty Cedar absorbs the over abundance of flooding waters following every storm. This towering life quietly serves her divinely designed purpose within the ecological community through the workings of her quiet, unseen, inner life. 

Season after season I walk past her. A guardian at her post. Season after season, God’s creation provides examples for human living. Here, through a living tree, the words of 1 Peter are given roots. Her berries are attractive, yet transitory. Cedar's deeper life contains the greater portion of her beauty and purpose. A living creation to emulate.

Let your adornment be your inner self,
with a lasting beauty 
of a gentle and quiet spirit.
1 Peter: 3-4

*The Cedar Berry tree of the southwest is technically a species of Juniper.

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  1. Beautiful! So glad you shared this at The Weekend Brew! I love your style of writing.

    1. Happy to join this community today. Thank you for your visit.

  2. Hi
    I am following you from Jumping Tandem. Beautiful words. If you would like to link to Sunday Stillness - I would feel blessed.

  3. I enjoyed reading your lovely poetic post! I love how God uses nature to teach us great lessons.

    Stopping by from the Sunday Stillness link up. : )

  4. Absolutely beautiful Lisa!!!! Your words and the photo!!! I am visiting from Still Saturday... Blessings xxxxx, Natasha

  5. Love the photo, love the Word. And it's realistically in our spiritual world. AND, yep, it's cold, cold, cold here -- not as much as other places, but still keeps me shivering. Focusing on Him and trusting Him for my spirit is all I can count on, whether the weather is cold or hot. HE is the only One I should be pointing to and hanging onto. Forever and ever.

  6. Your words of full of wisdom and beautifully written...Don't we all desire a quiet and gentle spirit...I desire to opened and filled....