May 31, 2013

Pray in that Secret Place

Framed in creamy painted wood, 
delicate lace curtains hung behind an old four pane window 
that had that aged bubbled character of old glass.  

The space on the other side unknown, 
but perhaps small, lit with the filtered shadows of lacy forms. 
Perhaps if the window is open, a gentle breeze whispers across 
a simple desk or a carved rocker situated in it’s quiet corner 
inviting a momentary retreat, a stilling pause. 

“Without solitude it is virtually impossible to live a spiritual life. 
Solitude begins with a time and a place for God, and him alone.” {p.69}

“Although the discipline of solitude asks us to set aside time and space, 
what finally matters is that our hearts become like quiet cells 
where God can dwell wherever we are and whatever we do. 
The more we train ourselves to spend time with God and him alone, 
the more we will discover that God is with us at all times and in all places." {p.79}

"Through the discipline of solitude we discover space for God in our innermost being. ... 
It is in that divine space that God’s Spirit prays in us." {p.90}


Excerpts taken from:

Making All Things New by Henri  J. M. Nouwen.


  1. "It is in that divine space that God’s Spirit prays in us.''--oh how I love this statement and have found it to be utterly true.

    Keep writing, dear one!

    1. Joining you in that discovery of truth! So appreciate your reflections on these words.

  2. Thank you for these contemplative quotes from Mr. Nouwen. Much for my pondering and for those quiet moments with God that I too often let go by when I am "doing" instead of spending that precious time with Him.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    1. Nouwen writes with strong encouragement for that time Just with God. It has reenergized my own commitment to daily solitude. Thank you so much for your visit here today.

  3. Hi Lisa, that secret place we go to for prayer, is actually that empty room in your heart where only your Pappa God and you have sweet communion!
    Blessings fron Sandy''s.

  4. I've been learning about solitude in the last few months and it has brought much joy to my soul. Thanks for this encouragement today!

  5. Need to have one of those prayer-places more often... get so easily side-tracked. But, walking out and about sometimes is the best way for me to keep myself focused on Him. Can't walk that way as much any more, so that's a bit disappointing. Guess I need to choose a really quiet, and sweet room/closet just to be with Him. Actually, it often is when driving. That works best. SO, will be putting in some long-day drives over this past next couple months. Worshiping, listening to the Word, listening to sermons, and WORSHIPING even more... that's the main "closet" I have. Your photo, BTW, is very lovely.

  6. Beautiful photo and wonderful scripture!! I need to find more solitude and stillness...especially as a mommy of two! I need to try and set aside more time to be alone with strengthen my walk with Him, which will, in turn, strengthen me as a wife and mom :) ~ Thanks for sharing this!! Have a blessed day!!