May 8, 2013

God, the Gardener of Life

In simple humility, 
let our gardener, God, 
landscape you with the Word, 
making a salvation-garden 
of your life. 
James 1:19-21 MSG

There is a path through the church's garden, through the trees and shrubs, where new spring growth has taken hold here and there. Wildflowers lift their purple and yellow blooms sunward. Light green, early growth foliage hangs low over the walk. Stones line the path intermittently yet continuous enough to mark the way. 
In preparation for the morning I’ve selected scriptures, identified intentions for prayer, and chosen to greet Him as Abba, and otherwise determined to be a listener as each step is taken. 
Breezes move gently through the canopy of limbs and against my face. Scripture images of Bible text scroll across my mind: the comfort of the Psalms, the teachings of Philippians, the promises in the Book of John... In the walking, hymns rise in a hum; Abba’s gift, not my plan. 
As I make my way, these stones remind me of the Biblical markings of God’s way and God’s voice. These wildflowers, they remind me of thanksgiving for even the unplanned, the unsightly circumstances of living for that too is redeemed as beauty. That scent, the invisible yet present. These buds near to bursting forth, so like the promises of our faith, the renewal of life. And that wind, always the image of the life giving breath of God. 
At the journey’s end I circle back retracing my steps, lingering slow to whisper a well of gratitude. The dappled shade playing across my heaven tilted face.


  1. I just love the Message sometimes. Today I will let Him shape me with His word. Amen.

  2. Beautiful pairing of verse & photo, Lisa. Thanks for sharing this with us. Blessings!

  3. Oh I so love the Message. The words speak to me in real terms. Thanks for linking up at Sunday Stillness.

  4. How lovely. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed week.

  5. Your words refreshed my soul. Thank you. And thank you for stopping by my page yesterday.
    Blessings to you.

  6. I love your graphic and God's Word. The Message speaks to my heart.