Mar 9, 2013

Stand in the Light

Come, O house of Jacob, let us walk in the light of the LORD. Is. 2:5
Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you. Is. 60:1

In the stillness of end of the week repose, the heart fills with sorrow as I ruminate over the struggles that were placed in my ear these many days. The struggles of others, whispered across tiny chips that translate human thoughts into printed soul stories on hand held and lap filled screens. It matters not that we have moved beyond the breath whispered telling from voice to ear, that wondrous science enables the telling of each story. 

Struggle is still the message. 
Sorrow is still the burden. 

Every listening person will still hear the wailing hearts of humanity in bondage, of crippling pain, of  sons suffering and daughters  lost, of lives in darkness. 

I reach deep into my faith to individually respond with all that I know of my Lord’s words and promises. Striving to bring some hint of God’s miraculous light and hope to eyes that have been crying, to minds that are wrestling, to lives that are breaking. To continue to honor the knowing by carrying the story into my days through repeated prayers and acts of support on behalf of each hurting heart. To claim the strength and assurance of God’s light for all, myself included, I stand for those who struggle hourly to rise beyond all that grips their lives. 

Here at the end of the week, in today’s stillness, I reach beyond the darkness and determine to STAND in the LIGHT.

I would be honored to read if you have wisdom you can share about ministering to those who struggle? How do you balance your emotional and spiritual strength in the process?

In faith,


  1. First of all, Lisa, your writing is exquisite==a true gift from God--

    On wisdom for your situation, prayer, prayer and more prayer--

    Prayer is what unleashes the mighty victories that Christ has already secured for us.

    As you sincerely pray and spend time with the Master, He will show you the exact steps to take to help these wounded souls coming to you for help.

    God bless you richly as you extend to them grace from the Father.

    1. Wise reminders here of the Lord's provision for every task. A truth that I have witnessed before and will trust in for these present circumstances. A nob of gratefulness to you for your caring thoughts.

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  3. Hi Lisa ~
    Thanks for stopping over at Creekside today. I do hear what you're saying. As a woman in ministry leadership and a pastoral counselor, I am resonating with the cry of your heart.

    I've written alot about life balance over the years, and maybe that will speak to some of what you're sharing today

    I hope this is hopeful. Please do come back for a visit ... often!


    1. Most kind of you share your expertise; a God-NET-working incident I'm sure. Thank you for directing me to these resources, much to ponder and practice.