Mar 19, 2012

Take Heart! He has overcome the world!

Walking in the spring of upstate New York, along a fence line my eye following it’s undulating rise and fall . This cross section caught my eye. It’s rough hewn, hole pierced post wrapped with cold steel wire.  Austerity and beauty wrapped in one meeting of limbs. A concentric hole at the outer edge, revealing a scence at a distance beond. So much here symbolically suggested the journey and the sorrowful events of our Lord’s Easter story. 

Joining with all those sharing faith inspired photos gathered over here:


  1. that scripture. this shot captures such a peace.

    God bless~

  2. Good thinking, sharing, processing. Obviously, not easy and slick and simple... but, also obviously impelled.

  3. I am so thankful for the hope of the resurrection -- what a sweet promise this is!

  4. There is so much peace and promise in this verse!