Jan 30, 2012

Transforming Water to Wine, A Battered Heart to Wholeness

"Transformation" Lisa Moreland, Oil on canvas, 2009

I inserted a new element to the still-life that we were painting. As the instructor came by my easel she asked, “Why would you want to add a cross?”. “It represents miracles.”, was my audible response. “So many.”, was my soul’s gratitude-filled response. 

Certainly the original one, Jesus’ first, to the delight of wedding guests in Cana that day. Jars of water transformed to the highest quality wine. And certainly all the other recorded miracles that transformed disease to health, repugnant living to second chances, hunger to feasting, and persecution to freedom. A singularly holy gift of transformation was offered that day. A gift that would reach across centuries and into human souls world wide. A wine-red redemption offered by the sacrifice of Christ.

My gratitude-filled soul knows well the work of this holy transformation. Adversity after sin, sin followed by vengence reigned down year after year, loss upon loss. An beaten and battered heart barely crawled across the living that still had to be done.  The Holy Spirit remained true. Our Lord remained vigilant. Angels were sent. Face to the floor prayers were heard and worked out by our Lord across across the years, bearing miracles. Miracles of restoration, a return to wholeness, and gifts unexpected.  

Today the listing of gifts includes these, the transformed water, saved soul variety of holy blessings. Amen

846 ~ deep gratefulness for being transformed by daily encounters with Christ

847 ~ gratitude Lord that you could make something beautiful out of all this suffering

848 ~ thanksgiving Lord for being more than the sum of my past mistakes

849 ~ gratitude Lord for your power within me that enabled me to endure and overcome more than I could ever imagine ~ Eph. 3:20

850 ~ gratitude for the spiritual nourishment offered as adversity is overcome ~ Rev. 2:17

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