Jan 23, 2012

God-Incidences...When He's Been There All Along

"I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land, I will never leave you until I have done what I promised you."           Genesis 28:15

There are three of us on the couch. Me in bifocals, them in diapers.  Me spattered with the remnants of the day's meals, sneezes, and floor play. Beside me my daughter's two precious bundles; hoped for, prayed for, for years. They are entrusted to my care from time to time. Two fraternal gifts carried heavy for 30 some weeks; mothered tenderly now for almost 15 months.

It is dusk. We are cozy. They are glistening with the sheen of infant beauty after baths and pajamas. Settled against one another on the nursery couch we watch Baby's Praise Collection DVD to wind down after a toddler's marathon energy day. It is a precious moment, sweet with with all that is important to childhood.

It happens in a blink. I briefly turn to the side table. Peripheral vision reveals a pajama-ed, toppling twin, overboard somersault fashion. Landing face up crying in ... what? Startled scare? Internal injury?
[My heart leaps to prayer.
Dear Lord, be present here! Dear Lord, this treasure here!]
I place quiet twin on the floor. Hoover over the toppled one who reaches for Grandma. Scooping him into arms and onto lap, I scan breathing rate, posture, limbs.
[Dear Lord, is all well?]
Beyond the holding I notice the long, over sized, floor pillow at my feet. A new one added to the room just today. Casually placed at the base of the couch. The one that cushioned the child's head-long fall. The one that oh so coincidentally is stitched with this toppled child's name on it. I stare. I dare, to wonder were these incidents divinely lead?
 [Were you here Lord all along? For this child? For the purpose he yet needs to fulfill? For this grandma who prayed for these care-giving hours to be blessed with safety?]
Little one calms, sniffles in the curve of head, arms, and lap that encircles him. He breathes easy, sits comfortably, quiets. No undo harm appears to be present.
[I close eyes to whisper...
Thanksgiving Lord for the gifts of this moment. For the good fortune of lithe little bodies that withstand toddler tumbles. For unexpected circumstances that intercede against harm. I choose to see your hand on this moment Lord. I linger here amidst these [now] clamoring toddlers, to raise my heart in thanksgiving Lord.]

Delightedly pleased to join others at the Gratitude Community, God-Incidences, and SUNDAY links. Grateful for the telling over there of God's hand on every life.


  1. Thank you for visiting me over at Pursuing Heart! And fun to find another grandma - I share your emotions and thankfulness in this incident that you shared. And twins keep us busy, don't they - we have a set of twin grandsons.

  2. What a beautiful testimony to God's faithfulness to keep His promises.....
    Thank goodness He is always near....

  3. And stitched with the name of the child. Oh. my.

    This God, who engraves our names on the palm of His hand, reaches out to catch the child.

    I'm delighted that you've linked in community. So delighted.