Apr 30, 2016

A Wander by Water

Visual Prayer Journal image: assorted papers, 
acrylic, ink, original art prints, and photos.

It could be a steadily streaming creek bed, pulsing white frothed waves, or the glassy mirrored surface of a shore bound lake. 
Water draws me to its banks in all its lulling variations: coursing under bridges, spilling down rocky falls, undulating in rolls against the sand.

Trees forest its banks. Wildlife populate its shores and depths. Humanity casts fishlines, feeds ducks, spreads picnics, and stroll along its banks. A rippled pattern of reflected light in liquid hues of blues, greens, grays, changing with the hour, the season, and the temperament of the sky. An ever morphing panoramic pallet. 

Christine Valters Paintner writes about contemplative walking as “listening to what God has to say to me”. Soulfully “trying to be present to life as it is and respond to the call of the world to your heart”, such that the journey essentially becomes a “mini-pilgrimage”.

A lifetime of walking roads that circle lakes, paths that follow rivers, beaches that edge the ocean’s shores, trails that meander ravines of rocky creeks. Walks charted across every region, strewn across memory, laced together in the continuous sense of sacred presence in the midst of a divinely created world.

Quotations taken from Eyes of the Heart by C. V. Painter

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  1. Walking somewhere in nature is my favorite time to talk with God and to listen to Him speak to my heart.

    1. YES, its so true...a precious time.

  2. I love the quote you shared by Christine Valters Paaintner. I go for walks often, but not all of them are contemplative. Next time, I will be sure to try to be present to life so that I can respond to the call of the world on my heart. Thanks for sharing at Let Us Grow Lisa!

    1. Paintner is a wonderful contemplative writer. I have read several of her books. Hope your new site grows a faithful community :-)

  3. Oh I feel this so feet are hungry for my walk already this morning.
    And my soul whispers yes:) I love the way you craft these words.
    Thank you,

    1. Humbled by your kind remarks. The walk brews the words :-)

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