Aug 2, 2015

July Smolders into August

July heat, an open oven door, with the scent of over toasted bread. 
Air meandering heavy and slow, dense with crackled dryness. 
The flag barely able to rustle itself from a limp fold of cloth on the pole. 
A full compliment of summer’s winged critters swarm, skim, and hum above the pond’s undisturbed surface, the sole opposite of lazy in the heat of mid-day.

Shuttered in the shade, slates angled to reflect rays elsewhere;
pondering what remnants of deep summer shine most in my memory…

~ Blueberries
Mounds of Michigan blueberries. Folded into pancakes topped with maple syrup, covered with milk and sugar, or nibbled dark-blue-fresh straight from the bowl. Summer’s orbs of berry-liciousness!

~ Huldah, holy woman of great reputation, chosen by God to be a prophet, teacher, and adviser to Kings! Listen up folks, she taught men! She was selected above Jeremiah, to inform the King about God’s will {2 Kings 22:1-20}. Take heart sisters in Christ, God does indeed call women to proclaim His word.

~ Reading Anthony Doer’s novel, All the Light We Can Not See
in contrast to its title, SHINES big time on my recommendations to read. It’s multiple themes, creative intricacies, historical depth, wondrous characters, and sweeping plot enthralled me for a marathon four day reading binge. Go now. Download today.

~ Seriously now, what shines brilliantly among July’s memories 
would be a fervent message on Christian compassion
In the 4th video of Andy Stanley’s boldly honest video series Your Move, Stanley says even though Christians are told in John 13:34-35 to “Love one another”, he honestly admits, “Church people are some of the meanest people you know.” “(We) mistreat people in the name of Jesus.” In response, he expertly expounds on Colossians 3:12, “Clothe yourself with compassion…” reminding us that Christ means, “I want this (love and compassion) to mark you!” Yes indeed, that message burned deep in my heart in the midst of this July.       

~ And, the frivolous is not to be left out, loving the new series, “Giada in Italy”. 
Really, my cooking interest (and talent) is modest. However filming of the Mediterranean gem that is Positano, captures my visual senses. Local markets, stucco architecture in contrast to brilliant flowers, melded with gorgeous food preparation…I’m in.

It’s the season to ice that tea, seek the shade, relish bone deep warmth, and ponder what memories shine bright for you this summer.

*   *  *

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  1. Great post Lisa. I too want to love others as Christ. I am thankful for His patience and His grace. I need it every day. Summer has me sipping iced tea and coffee and taking trips to the frozen yogurt shop.

    1. Human nature is so sadly mercurial when it comes to compassion. I need recurrent exhortation and re-teaching on this theme. Blessed (again) by your faithful visits Beside Still Waters, merci.

  2. I just like that last sentence. Pretty much sums up the season. :)

    1. Smiling in response to your comment... Forgot to mention the mint leaves in that tea and a wide brimmed sun hat angled just so :-)

  3. Some lovely thoughts and memories of summer - thanks for sharing the lessons and encouragement! Glad to be your neighbor on the Weekend Brew this week.

    1. So pleased to have you stop by. The "Brew" is one of my favorite communities, in part, due to the generous support of its participants. May your day be blessed.

  4. I'm glad to be reminded of the story of Huldah!
    Acts 2:17 "sons and daughters"

    1. ...and 'm glad to read the promise in Acts 2: "...I will pour out my spirit on all flesh..." May every woman teach and preach wherever she is called.