Jul 3, 2015

As the Cicadas Sing

After morning coffee on the back patio, after puttering with the flower pots, and after a walk around the ponds, the sun’s height begins to heat up this part of the world sending folks like myself to benches situated under the deepest shade or to comfy chairs in cozy air-conditioned spaces, anticipating the company of a good book.

Summer reading lists are iconic. Schools require them. Libraries endorse them. Newspapers publish them. Book sellers advertise them. Readers eagerly share them and scour the titles of favored choices for the season. 

Still preferring the real-deal hard copy to hold in my hands, 
these are some of the books in this month’s stack:

  1. Wearing God by Lauren Winner. I really loved this fascinating exploration of the metaphors found in scripture that are used to describe God. Some were the familiar “clothed by God” and God as "the bread of life", other’s were much more surprising for instance God as “a sweet smelling savor” and as a laboring woman. Would love to read this one as a book study to discuss with others.
  2. In the Sanctuary of Women by Jan L. Richardson. Written in a combined format of a daily devotional and as an informational text of historical accounts about the lives of notable Christian women including Eve, St. Brigid, Hildegard of Bingen, the Desert Mothers and others. This book has succeeded in capturing my heart for these sisters of faith. It requires a leisure pace and has been a reading in progress for several months. 
  3. Eyes of the Heart by Christine V. Paintner.  The photographer in me is relishing this discussion of photography  as a spiritual practice. The work has opened my thinking to many new insights and practical suggestions to implement photography as a contemplative practice. 
  4. No Man Is An Island by Thomas Moore. No doubt you will have heard of this classic and the renown Trappist Monk who wrote it. Although I was aware of the remarkable history of Moore’s devotion to a religious life of service, teaching, and writing; nothing compares to reading his own words. 
  5. “Artful Blogging”, a magazine by Somerset Studio features the photographic beauty of several blogs in each issue. Pure eye candy for artistic photography and an interesting mix of tales about the blogging experience. Light and engaging creative inspiration.

Summer’s traditions include uninterrupted hours spent with well loved books. May you be blessed by an inspiring read as the cicadas sing and the porch swing glides.


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  1. These sound like wonderful books, and I love how you described your reading experience! Linked up with you at Sunday Stillness -- hope you'll stop by Saved by Grace for a visit!
    God bless,

    1. Always honored to have visitors from the faith communities that I link with. I will look for your post.

  2. Your mornings sound delightful - and add a book to it - and it just gets better! I'm so glad your shared your list!!! No Man is and Island and In the Sanctuary of Women intrigued me. I'm going to look into them!

    1. I often get my best reading recommendations from other bloggers, so sharing my own list of books just seems neighborly. May your summer reading be memorable.

  3. Eyes of the Heart sounds very interesting to me. I think I will look this one up.

  4. Hello Lisa, so good to visit you here today. You made me smile. Thank you for your kindest compliments.
    Your reading list is interesting. I don't think I am familiar with these books.
    Many Blessings to you.

  5. Hi Lisa. I love your taste in books! It's very similar to my own. I'm currently working my way through 'The Artist's Rule' (spied it on the pile) and loving it. Thomas Merton's wisdom is wonderful and the Christian contemplative pathway is well worth exploring. Happy reading! Visiting here from Holley's place. It's nice to meet you. Blessings. :)