Jan 7, 2015

Kitchen Memories: Winter’s Late Afternoon Light

The late afternoon sun throws rays of winter light across the kitchen, low and soft. Savory aromas rise from sautéing meat and simmering stock on the stove. Color rich vegetables lay diced across the cutting board and spices add to the scents wafting through the house. Candlelight flickers in the lengthening shadows on the counter top.

My thoughts slip back to decades ago. As a college student commuting between campus and my parent’s home, I would return from classes in the late afternoon dark of our far north region. Entering the warm house through the kitchen door I would be met by the subdued lighting under the cabinets illuminating my mother working at the counter surrounded by salad makings and the smells of supper warming on the stove. These treasured images evoked such comfort and affection. I have strived to recreate them for my own family across the years. Even in the years of a demanding career, preparing supper at home, reclaiming the house after the day’s absence, filling it with food aromas, it remained essential to create a haven that cradled myself and loved ones at the end of each day.

Warm light in the darkness, 
a safe haven, 
the promise of nourishment; 
all elements of a home …

all elements of a living faith.  

Nurture faith as you nurture loved ones. 
Guard faith as you guard the haven of your home.

Light a candle, 
put something on the stove,
savor the moment, 
offer whispers from your heart 
to our Lord.

* * * *

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  1. I love how making a meal produces not just a nourishment for your family, but a memory that touches your heart. That happens to me all the time, and I catch myself remembering and praying and thanking God for the sweet moments that make the meal even more special.
    Bless you!

    1. Yes. Sweet moments! Only recently have I begun to fully perceive why Hospitality is a Spiritual discipline. As I have given deeper thought to the role of food in the process of nourishing relationships, the message of scripture (such as the loaves and fishes or the wedding wine) takes on more meaning.

  2. I really liked this. I too have those memories and tried to do it for my family. thankfully, my daughters-in-law share the same values. My grandchilden are blessed. I am grateful

    1. I celebrate with you when a mother's prayers are answered in regard to their child's chosen spouse. These blessings offer a mother hope for the generations ahead.