Aug 29, 2014

Summer Remembrance

Early morning temperatures dipped by almost ten degrees this weekend, 
as August bids its 2014 adieu. 

The cooler morning offered a delightfully fresh hint of the next season, though we all know we still have many more weeks of extended summer that is par for our region. None the less, there was this brief interlude, this breath of coolness, this nod to softer days of less light and a planet tipping away from the sun’s blaze. Summer’s green begins to take on that more rustic shade, edged with crisped, drying hues. Blooms are worn, somewhat ravaged by the boldness of summer. The new blossoms are unfolding smaller, dropping petals sooner, there satin beauty not lasting as long as their predecessors. 

We turn to one another and say, Where did it go? 
Every season we say that. 

Remember when we were celebrating those glorious buds opening at the ends of stems and marveling at the late-into-the-evening sunsets painted orange across the blue sky. Remember children in the pool for hours perfecting their under water skills, extending their bravery in the deep end, diving endlessly to retrieve rings thrown to the bottom. Tomatoes and watermelon have been sweeter these recent months and sweet corn is still fresh in the produce department. Remember the lazier mornings of summer with coffee on the back porch, serenaded by birds, entertained by squirrels, and occasionally visited by that resident rabbit who lives in the Indian Hawthorn hedge. We watched lizards scamper across the top of the fence and fledgling Blue Jays teeter on the edge of their nest outside the bay window. We have watched Herons catch fish as turtles basked on the pond’s banks and the Mallards floated endlessly. 

And though the events of the world were far less bucolic through this summer, it remains important to remember that which was abundant, that which was brimming with blessing and goodness. In every season harken back to treasures that came your way, whispered from the heavens by God’s grace to season your life with His love and provision.

“I will remember the deeds of the Lord...” Psalm 77:11

                                                                               * * *

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  1. Every season does seem to slip away so fast. Your words are a beautiful reminder to treasure and call to mind the goodness that each season holds. Many blessings, Lisa.

    1. Attending to the passing, noting the gifts, seems to slow that ticking clock just a bit. At the very least I can say, "Yes, it was so good and I gave it praise. Thanks for the visiting here.

  2. I feel as if Summer just arrived, yet I find myself longing for fall. Thank you for sharing at The Weekend Brew!

    1. Yes, I share this anticipation. Fall does beckon with all its harvest splendor.

  3. I LOVE the photo. What a wonderful combination of rocks and beautiful flower. Reality in our life.

    1. That photo composition was such a bit of luck. the Sunflower bloom just happen to spill a few petals as I laid it on the patio. Makes me grin when that happens.

  4. Hi Lisa! This is a great reminder to again remember the blessings. Too easy to remember the crosses, the weeks that fly by. I need to sit and reflect on a summer that always goes by too quickly, but is packed with grace and love. I have a choice of what takes precedence, and I definitely think it should be the joys!
    Nice to meet you! Coming from Unforced Rhythms,

  5. Yes, where did it go?! The best we can do is to remain present to the gift of each moment as it is. Thanks for linking with Unforced Rhythms.