Dec 30, 2013

December Learning

 To tell the truth, there is so much that I learn in a month that when Chatting at the Sky invites bloggers to link up to share what’s new for each of us, its really only the public worthy or the perceptions that ‘rise to the top’ that get sifted and printed here. All the rest, the numerous inklings of expanded awareness, settles in the soul and is honored as gifts that were given, intended for continued growth that hopefully will shape a better me.

But here,
these are a few things I can share, 
some gifts that might resonate with another.

A small Christmas still carries a message. 
Here’s the back story: circumstances resulted in just our three foot Christmas tree this year. An oversight resulted in no Christmas lights lining the rooftop. Presents by way of charitable donations lead to no gifts to wrap. Out of state travel meant no holiday cooking. These traditions were missed but the three foot tree still lit the manger scene. Christmas carols still filled the chapel. And the spirit of Christmas still warmed our hearts. It really is only about a very small babe.

The dubious quality of corn syrup aside, I still love Pecan pie at Christmas time, especially my mother in law's masterpiece. 

Those quiet, wintery days between Christmas and the New Year, I slip into READING mode. 
Just finished Nina Schuyler's The Painting of set in 1860‘s Paris and Tokyo. A beautiful tale of enduring human spirit in the grip of war and revolution, sustained by memories and art. The turbulent historical backdrop expanded my awareness of the Japanese Revolution and the Prussian siege of Paris. So appreciate how knowledge of history informs life.

I learned that according to 74 year old, life long Louisiana resident Phil Robertson, he never saw his fellow black citizens mistreated. If inequity is the norm perhaps one is blinded to its presence.

St. Stephen's Day and Boxer's Day share a history of GIVING TO OTHERS.
"Box" up what is needed and give it those in need. Both of these traditions are celebrated the day after Christmas. I love that! It reminded me of this delightful Christmas ad of young people providing Christmas joy for an elderly neighbor.

Your visit,
your reading of these thoughts,
its always and honor.
Happy New Year!


  1. Congratulations!
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    1. I could not have received a bigger surprise this morning!
      I'm truly grateful to you for the recognition!
      Even more so since the emphasis of the Sunshine Blogger Award is based on bloggers who strive to make a positive impact on readers.
      I love that.