Oct 19, 2013

Wait for Hope to Appear

Leaving the house behind I turn my face into the blustery winds, crisp with the promise of fall, sharp with urgency; willing the force of cold to burrow through my mind and sweep out every shred of worry clinging in the corners. I whisper to myself with kindness, “Breath deeply”, wanting to hasten the air’s cleansing properties through my heart and lungs . Fall’s shifting nature spills a brief shower of rain in the midst of the afternoon’s shining light. I step under dense, overhanging trees until the weeping cloud drifts on. Walking on, step following step, breath following breath easing the mind to emptiness, working the chest to fullness, purposefully leaving space for holy presence and peace. 


  1. This is simply stunning, Lisa. All of it. May all the spaces be filled with holy presence and peace.

    1. Thank you. Such kind words. Like your recent weeks, next week I follow you in the journey through surgery and recovery. Spending much time seeking God's strength going into it.

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  3. Our Father's gift of HOPE is a huge blessing of our lives, forever and ever. What I must rely upon; what you and everyone else, also.

    Love the photo, love the Word, love the words.