Aug 10, 2013

Strength in the Stillness

Their strength is to sit still...
For thus saith the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel; 
In returning and rest 
shall ye be saved; 
in quietness and in confidence 
shall be your strength
Isaiah 30:7, 15 KJV

A lone chair, pulled away from the gathered seating at distance. Pulled closer to the water, closer to the pouring  sounds of the fountain’s spray, closer to the trees lining the shore. Seperated from chattering voices mingling about. Botanically hedged in and away from boulevard and path. A single seat. A momentary respite from restless going about. A miniature sanctuary under green boughs. A   chance occasion accepted to settle alone along the shore. To notice glory. To whisper gratitude. To seek Holy Spirit’s assuring presence and to recall the Lord’s restoring words. A lone chair; a call to quiet retreat, a return to rest. 
May you, faith filled visitors 
to this corner of online STILLNESS, 
happen upon your own 
quiet call to weekend rest. 
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  1. "To notice glory. To whisper gratitude." This is what I am attempting to do in the days God has given me. Love this!

  2. Stillness...hard to come by, necessary for relationship with our Lord:)

  3. Neat! Good way to photo that chair... and fitting it into the Word. Creativity strikes again. :-)