Apr 7, 2013

The Long Good By

Mom and Dad, April 7th 1951

In the quiet moments this weekend I am deeply aware that today we would be celebrating 62 years of their marriage ... were she still surviving Alzheimer’s. As it is, she stood courageously in its onslaught from her early 60’s until she was 72. Often I was certain she intentionally showed me how one departs this earth with grace and faith. Often, even in the increasing cognitive darkness, I knew she was determined to tell about her love. And often, in the wake of long silence, she would speak profound wisdom. Yes, mom I heard you. And yes, I will remember.

Please support the Alzheimer's Association to provide support for families living the long good by and to provide a cure for this devastating disease.


  1. They are such a handsome couple.

    I can't imagine how terrible this disease is, but I like to think that those afflicted still think of themselves as the wonderful people we remember.

    My prayers are with you all.

    1. Such kind words Betty. Tender thoughts that encourage. I welcome your friendship and visits here.

  2. One of my hopes, if I end up in Alzheimers or something similar, is that when I open my mouth, not even under control, the Word of God or encouragement to our Lord will pour forth. Thank you. At almost 68 something connected to brain loss is kicking my tail. But I TRULY want to only show worship to my Lord and Savior. Again, thank you. This was encouraging.