Feb 23, 2013

Winter Rains

He commands the snow to descend on earth and the winter rains, and the shower of his strength. Job 37:6 CPDV

Winter rains fell here. Plump, dense drops that don’t allow you to scitter quickly between them in a dash for the car. Folks were fussy about the cold, the messiness of wet, and being stranded behind doors. Myself, I relish breathing the scent of rain. I welcome rain’s cleansing and hydration of urban air. I marvel at reflective droplets suspended from winter berries. This drenching season of nature’s rest and replenishment [compared to its polar opposite come August] beckons attentive appreciation. The mind's wrestling is diminished by God's preference for appreciation. A faithful effort to see more clearly and savor more deeply brings rest.

With God's grace, may you too, sense rest through the practice of appreciation.

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  1. Hi Lisa
    Yes, let us rest in the appreciation of all He has done, and is still doing for us everyday. His love is like the raindrops reflecting the His love and goodness! Over via Sandy.
    Much love

  2. Love this verse! Off to highlight it in my Bible... Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. I too love collecting verses via these blog communities. New learning all the time!

  3. I too love this verse and never remember reading it before--

    You made me feel like I was there in the rain with you.

    I love your writing.


  4. Just love it.
    Thank you for linking to Sunday Stillness. I will try to remember this one.

  5. Lovely photo, lovely thoughts. I enjoy the rain myself! We have snow here and it is also refreshing to see everything blanketed in white.

    Stopping by from Sunday Stillness.

  6. It's been rather opposite in our area. In '11, we had flooding surrounding our area for hundreds of miles. This past summer, filled with drought.

    I love rain, especially when it's in the normal and slightly above. I don't USUALLY complain about walking in rain or climbing in and out of cars with it pouring. I know it can be a blessing and know it can be a challenge. BUT love to see the fruitfulness and the colorfulness that results.

    [Hope we can be back to normal here this spring and summer!! Drought is causing so many people to lose farms, jobs, etc.]