Nov 15, 2011

Magnify Him with Thanksgiving

Magnify Him with Thanksgiving... Psalm 69:30 KJV

Vibrant fall colors
speak to the bounty of God’s gifts just as the vibrant musical talent of a very young Christian singing artist Rhema Marvanne speaks to the depth of faith. Read Rhema’s story and share in her joy as she uses her stagger musical gift to sing: I Thank God.

Recording God’s gifts with the treasure trove of beautiful women in the Gratitude Community. Today I'm sharing selected blessings that nurtured faith.

Magnify the Lord with thanksgiving [for]:
faith stories that affirm belief (79).
Sunday school teaching that brings peals of laughter (116),
hands making gifts of love for pilgrims on a spiritual retreat (120).
hymns sung with joy and reverence (121).
groups devoted to missions, study and prayer (223).
powerful teaching in Sunday’s sermon (249).
the Spirit within that seeks God (376).
Holy Communion followed by prayer at the kneeling rail (459).
an opportunity to teach women’s Bible study class (550)
Spirit lead scripture to compose prayer (575)
hearing a ‘quiet voice’ urging me to listen for the benefit of another (630).
traditional preparations for Advent (678)


  1. Love your Scripture and Snapshot! Very pretty!

  2. Hi Lisa, thanks so much for stopping by. Comments like yours are so encouraging and such a blessing :)