Nov 7, 2012

God's Word: Alive and Active

Women seated circular around the room, 

gathering together for weeks, 

to draw fingers across thin pages of scripture 

seeking the Lord’s teaching 

for the collected Body and each seeking heart. 

Women’s heads bowed above the ancient text 

pouring over inked words 

that transform to inner Holy Spirit whispers 

and wash searching souls with Holy presence.


I travel to these sites each week to link up and to partake in the beauty 

that is shared  within each community. 

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  1. Love the fountain and thirst quenching word picture of pouring over God's word with others in a circle...what sweet fellowship with one another and as you say the "Holy Spirit" whispers.

  2. ... the photo refreshes me this afternoon ...


  3. Amen...beautiful picture!

    Hope you have a blessed Sunday...♥

  4. "Words that transform" . . .the fountain is so fitting. God's word washing over us.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a blessed Sunday!

  5. Love the word picture of the women learning and studying together. Beautiful image of the fountain. Visiting from the Sunday Community, thanks!

  6. Beautiful photo... and the Word.

  7. Your image of pouring water brings with it the longing for more of hearing & living in Him ... Stopping and waiting, listening, and letting the jar to be filled & flow over to be His letters, hands, ears ... Thank you for sharing & encouraging!

  8. Such beautiful, moving words!! I am so deeply thankful that God's word is alive and active!! May we drink from it, learn from it, live through it!! Thanks so much for sharing and for stopping by Chaos & Coffee!! Have a blessed day :)

  9. Hi Lisa,

    The gathered women around God's word sounds familiar and precious.

    Thanks for dropping by my post "He Surprised Me." That conversational journaling with God is so fun, and helps me delve deeper into the Bible too.

    Thank you for dropping in.

    Nice to get to know you more,
    Jennifer Dougan

  10. Your verse is absolutely perfect with your picture. Fabulous!