Jan 1, 2012

About the quiet here this past month...

The quiet here began unintended. I refer to an absence of blog postings for the past many weeks.
I had notes on the edges of bulletins, several in fact, for the postings I was planning for the weeks ahead. Photos earmarked just for the holy season upon us.
And then this. There were joyous preparations for the holidays [all of them, November thru January 1] at home; the first time for me in several years. Think of using my own turkey platter [an antique pattern just like mama's]. Think of the anxiousness of replicating my mother-in-law's to-die-for cornbread dressing for the sweetheart who LOVES that dressing. Think of one year old twin grandsons, here for their first package-opening Christmas.

So it began like that. Just several days or so, away, distracted by this dither of excitement.

Intruding upon this course of a brief blogging reprieve there came 'Dasher'. Not the reindeer variety, the computer crashing variety. Truly. Dashed, I was told, to irretrievable bits. Now my husband is superb in this arena. So new replacement 'stuff' was secured in a timely manner. But, dear reader, it's not a PC. The MAC is not in a computer 'language' that I have honed for two decades. Photo albums, editing, document access, ----you must know what I mean.

This is where my blogging pace met it's match and was thus silenced for yet an even-more-unintended bit of time. Some weeks have passed. I write tonight using the new MAC.

Now, hoping to continue to move forward across the new computer learning curve, but posting thoughts all the same.

Finally, a heart-full statement of gratitude for the Holy moments of three holidays serving my precious family, turkey platter and all;
hushed, holy moments that were gratefully experienced even if not written about here. My ever open Gratitude Journal lists two dozen or so additional blessings from those oh so wondrous days.

So pleased to place print on this page once again.


  1. I'm slowly moving over to a MAC so I can identify...a little. No fun having crashed! Welcome back! Found your blog via Ann's. Looking forward to reading your words!

  2. Welcome back and enjoy that MAC. :)